Orr Arts

Sabrina Orr Butts Artwork and happenings


My artwork is made from both a rural and autistic perspective 

  I’m a Montana Artist and painter with a unique perspective and a wide range of artistic knowledge to share. Art is for all people and it is my mission as a creator to help others find their creative spark. 

 I work in a variety of mediums. Currently, most of my work is done in watercolor or mixed media. I also have been using oil paint, but have few pieces ready to sell because of curing times. I have worked with a bit of everything and I'm picking up more crafts every day. I have also been experimenting with glass engraving. Plans for the spring include handmade papers out of recycled materials. It is often suggested that artists pick a niche, but I have never been able to pick just one or 2 things to do. That might be because I'm an autistic artist.  I’ll have something new to offer every few months. I’m hoping to put more educational content out there too. That way people can learn new skills and fun facts with me. We can all make the world a little bit better by learning more every day. 

Working as professional artist since 2020 

Orr Arts was created as a childhood dream between a father and daughter. When I was little my dad spent hours teaching me to draw and paint. He was a sculptor with his own body of work. He saved his work and his tools in hopes that one day I could become an artist and make an honest living on it. It was something he always wanted, but never had the chance to do. In 2017 My dad lost his battle with depression. I was only a high schooler at the time, so the tools sat in storage till 2020 when I got my own place and started college. In 2020 I started Orr Arts to get serious about my work. In 2021 I started going to trade shows and taking commissions. In 2022 I started building up my local reputation and got into graphic design. 2023 has many experiences to behold.

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All my artwork and crafts are made in Montana and I am part of the Made in Montana program. For more information about Made in Montana Please check out the link below.